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Electronic Gremlin help, PLEASE!

11/08/2003 10:36 PM
The scenario...
The drivers side seat works, everything works on the drivers side (window, power mirror, etc.)...
Then, I take the car in and the center console cluster is disassembled so that the "shift controller" could be replaced. Eight hundred and fifty dollars later the shift cluster works great, but the MBZ tech tells me, "I wonder why this trim piece doesn't fit... " And none of the things on the left door work. No window, no mirror no seat controls.(the seat still powers- the lift up feature to access the back seat moves the seat forward as it should). The MBZ tech is wondering if it is the door control or something of the like.
Then when I get the car home I realize that the console isn't sat down properly (the reason the shifter trim wont work). I lift up the console and then position it properly. Wala, the shift trim fits and the windows (and everything else on the drivers side) works!!
Here's where it goes wrong again...I realized the ashtray was a little crooked, so, I took the console out (the ashtray screws in in two places under the console, and when I put it all together -NO DOOR FUNCTIONS AGAIN! What does his mean?
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