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Question 300SL convertible top alarm

On my 300 SL the convertible top alarm goes off with an annoying frequency. The top is not actually loose. I have recently (about 6 months apart) replaced both of the hydrolic cylinders in the top because they were leaking fluid. It seems that a tilt (or rocking motion) in the car from side to side sets it off instead of a straight on bump. I took it to my local certified mercedes shop, but he has had no luck in finding the problem. I live in a small town and he has not had the opportunity to work on many SL's. He connected it to the diagnostic computer and no codes show, but he has an aftermarket program. He suggested I take it to a mercedes dealership, but it is a terrible inconvience since it is nearly 2 hours away. Please help! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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