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TAch at diag connector

Patsy , sometimes it can be read with a good DVOM, ie. a Fluke 88. This is hit or miss. The bosch tool is a faster capture rate and always works.And has a dedicated connector, so this may be fuzzy. Use pins 1 and 3,I think. or follow the grey lead from the front of the motor up to the diag connector. it goes to the three pins at the outbord side. one is the sheild, other two are the pulse signal. Set meter to RPM, or hz and do the math. You cant hurt anything poking around with a meter in that plug.
Should be 750 rpm, and its governed inside the pump. Drop off throttle rods and you get 750. If the paint seal on the
idle screw on inboard side of pump is un broken, I bet the idle is 750.
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