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Back again!

Yesterday was taken up with wood hauling and leaf collection activities. I did get a chance to poke around under the hood and to look at the shop manual. It show nothing similar to a sensor switch to keep the heater shut down until the engine reaches running temp.

This morning I took it out to get a paper. After 3-4 miles at speeds of 20-45 the running temp wasabout 60 but I HAD HEAT!!
Not roasting, but warmth. Later I went out again, still got heat at the 20-45 speeds however the temp stayed 40-60. When I got up to highway speed, 60, temp went up toward 80 but heat dissappeared. He heat came back as I slowed the speed down but the running temp went back down again.

This sounds like a probable thermostat issue.

The heat at lower speeds is a new development. Yesterday while poking around under the hood, I unplugged the plug on the top of the monovalve and plugged it back in makig sure it was seated good. Would this have changed anthing?

I love this car and I enjoy tinkering with it. But I'm sure that by now it's clear that I'm no mechanic! Your assistance is appreciated.

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