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Sorry, I guess I need to add a few more details. My OVP relay has also been replaced because I was having the exact same problem with the ABS light as the other member. Also, the limit switch in one door was replaced about two years ago. My mechanic read the codes and everything has been corrected that the codes suggested. Then he cleared the codes and drove the car for a while. The problem still exists. He then reread the codes but no codes appear. He (we) are at a lost for what to do. Still it would be hard for me to take the car 2 hours away to a dealership, but maybe I have no choice. This things drives me nuts. It alarms (and flashes) about 12 to 15 times in my 30 minute trip to work! It is much worse on rough roads (I live in rural area) than on the smoother roads in town. Much more sensitive to a dip that causes a side to side motion than to a head on bump. HOWEVER, THANKS EVER SO MUCH FOR THE REPLY. Any further suggestions out there?

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