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Seems surprising to me as well that the guides etc need to be done with so little mileage .... but, it is my experience that the drivers who start and run are the ones with this problem. (I am not suggesting you, by any means).

I practice the start, adjust the seats/mirrors, buckle-up and then go start routine. Probably no more than 60 seconds. Additionally I drive our cars gently until I see the temp gauge start to register heat.

It all comes from seeing what happened to a BMW 2002 engine that belonged to a fellow who wound it out as soon as he could get RPM. The cam, guides and valves were all worn out prematurely. It was actually rather shocking to see this at 45,000 miles. It left an incredible reminder with me to just let the engine get some heat and oil onto the critical components that are not directly pressure fed.

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