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Effective airbags in the 84-89 Mercedes?

I have heard from someone that the airbags on the older Mercedes more than likely do not work, as the older Mercedes only had about a 10-12 year airbag life.
Driver airbag was optional on the 1984-1985 Mercedes (I think the only exception was the 300D, 300CD and 300TD) and was standard on all beginning in 1986.
I hope no one has- but I will ask just incase. Has anyone recently had a moderate to severe frontal crash in a airbag equipped 84-89 Mercedes and have a non-inflating airbag?
I am considering a 86-88 420SEL or 560SEL and was concerned about this. I know that even without airbags that these cars would still be some of the safest on the road, but would like to know about this airbag problem- if there is one. Thanks for any information.
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