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Yes, anti=seize compound is definitely key. I have a '78 Ford four wheel drive pickup that I bought new and use around the place. Ford's use capscrews on the exhaust manifolds rather than studs. It's very common for them to twist off. I took the exhaust manifolds off about ten years ago when doing a valve job. I managed to twist off only one bolt. I put everything back together with an anti-sieze compound which contains copper particles. I built a motor for it in '99 and there was absolutely no problem when taking it apart. These were not even stainless bolts. Aluminum is a different situation of course.

Using stainless bolts with anti-sieze compound will work over the long haul, but my thoughts are that studs and nuts are the proper approach for the factory to take. It's also easier to get the gaskets in place as well.

Had my old truck had aluminum heads, I shudder to think what I would have been up against the first time I removed the exhaust manifold bolts.

Thanks for the discussion. This is how we learn more, by sharing our thoughts and experiences.

Have a great day,
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