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Sorry for the delayed response. I replaced mine because everything that was rubber under my car was pretty much garbage when I took ownership. I'm slowly working my way through the rest of it. What I have left are upper control arm ball joint and bushings, front subframe bushings and rear trailing arm bushings.

I've replaced:
rear subframe mounts
differential mount
engine mounts
engine shocks
transmission mount
idler arm bushings
steering shock
lower ball joints (shop did this one)
track rod mounts
tie rods
center link
shifter linkage bushings
rebuilt front calipers
front wheel bearings
brake hoses

I had to laugh at myself one day. I took my car to an MB shop to have some tires mounted. I had the rear seat out to see if I could have the busted seam restitched. I also had all of the panels in the trunck removed from a car audio bug I had up my butt one day that never got followed through on.

The mechanic asked me if I was restoring the car. I said no, but in retrospect, I guess I am. ha ha

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