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I resent least-common-denominator speed laws as much as the next guy, but I NEVER speed in the Buckeye zone. Would not put anything past those Ohio bears. Use cruise, spend an extra hour, try to stay awake at the wheel. A tip to Michiganders in Ohio: cover up the stickers that read "Directions to Columbus: south 'til you smell it, east 'til you step in it", "Happiness is crushed Buckeye nuts", etc. Did you know GEICO insurance lobbies extensively to outlaw radar detectors? Check out your insurer to see if you need to dump 'em and send a letter to the CEO. If you see an ad in the back pages of a magazine: "Never get another ticket!; Fool-proof guaranteed method!", don't send in the $10. You'll get a piece of paper that says "Obey all traffic laws". Car Talk's website asked for good ways of beating tickets. A quick-witted New Yorker was passing thru Tennessee when he was stopped for doing 90 mph. The bear sauntered up and smiled a big grin at him thru his mirrored shades. "Boy, I been waitin' fer you AAALLL day." Came the reply: "I got here as fast as I could, officer!" Bear doubled over in laughter, walked back to his cruiser, and drove off.
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