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Originally posted by turnne1
Those prices seem awfully low!!!

Looks like either car is an excellent buy.....why does the SEL not have the headlight wipers?

The price seems normal here in Taiwan.

It has something to do with the tax. For 5.6 liter car, you have to pay 1,800 US dollars tax " per year" than a "ordinary" 2.4 liter car.

Most people are not willing to pay that premieum tax when the car is over 10 year, and under 15,000 us$.

And this alone makes the price really low compared to US or other country.

But my mom is disabled with some problem in her hearing, as her son, I don't have to pay that extra tax. So I am thinking about getting one of them if thay are well maintained.

I am driving a 1.3 Ford festiva now, so I think it would be a huge upgrade.

By the way, it never snow in Taiwan, maybe that owner take that headlight wipers off?

Actually, I don't like that wiper, either.

So is it ok to take it off?

Thanks for you guys and all your useful replies!!

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