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I would greatly appreciate knowing how to gain access to the rubber conduit at the door hinge. Can I gently pry it loose from the door, from the outside, or do I need to remove the door panel and go at it from the inside? Please advise. I don't want to risk tearing up one thing while trying to fix another.

Focusing on your idea, as to the location of a possible broken wire, I discovered that when I open the left rear door, the interior lights will not come on until the door is almost near the end of its travel. This is well past the point of clearing the door switch when the lights would normally already have switched on.

I'm guessing there's a break in a wire within its insulation, at the stress point where you suggested, which is making contact when the door is almost fully open and then breaking contact when the door is fully closed.

Many thanks for your helpful suggestion!

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