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well.. the air scenerio should 'hopefully' not be applicable since I've bled the brakes 4 times. however theres an interesting topic where they say that cars with ABS sometimes have air trapped in the ABS system. so it could potentially be the case that when I drive the car in reverse and brake heard engaging ABS, the air frm the ABS is travelling down to the callipers and in turn helping a firmer pedal feel. I'll get the brakes beld again while the pedal is better after ABS has been egaged a couple of times.
More over it seems like a soft pedal is a common complain with lexus owners. one of the things people have done are to change the brake likes to stainless steel lines. I've ordered the goodridge SS lines and will have the tech put them on too. let's see how that helps out the situation.
thanks again for everyone's input. I'll keep you guys posted.
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