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She runs!!

Rough, but she runs. And a few oil drips to chase down. But then engine fires and smooths at speed.

Steve...Thanks, I took the right side back to the slightly retarded mark, the engine rolled smoothly by hand several times, marks ended up in the same place each time. I may pull the leftcover off tonight and see if the right has moved at all.

When i started her last night, she started hard (several seconds of cranking and had to depress the accelerator pedal) and ran very rough. Started with difficulty several times. Seemed to smooth at 2000 rpm, but i think that is just speed taking over. This morning, she started much easier (flick of the key) and seemed a little smoother, but still very rough. Vac lines all seem to be there. I did wipe out the distributor cap with a brake cleaner so i will pull the cap and wipe thoroughly with a clean dry cloth.

Here's to the PROS!! Cover off timing chain, all new rails (including bottom), valve stem seals, belts, oill pump chain and tensioner, EHA, and other assorted gaskets--3 weekends, much sweat and tension. I don't think i could do this for a living, and the process has given me a much greater apprecaition of all who do. Thanks for all the input from those who did.
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