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The hose that is used is indeed a white vaccum hose (so it is hard), but it functions as a vent hose.

It yellows with age.

Very easy to change.

Just be careful when you're doing the Fuel Pressure Regulator end coz the rubber nipple may be brittle with age and break off.

Also, if you're changing out the old breather hoses (i recommend that you do), you probably have to slice up the old ones at the ends with a pen-knife coz they would be very hard with age.

Other than that, piece of cake.

I changed all the breather hoses, plastic valves and vent hose between the airfilter housing, valve cover and the rotary idle air valve.Surprisingly, the breather hoses came in 3 part numbers and weren't particularly cheap for simple looking pieces of rubber!

The plastic valves that connect between the breather hoses will normally be oiled up and can be cleaned, but because they were cheap, I threw them out and swapped them.

Let us know if you have any problems swapping the hoses out.

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