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hydraulic suspension safety question

I'm a first time 84td wagon owner,Iwas told the hydraulic system was fine,when I got the car home,I noticed the system was really low.So iwent out and bought a liter of CHF 7.1 Ol fur zentral hydraulische systeme for $18.00 and watched it piss out on the ground from somewhere around the rear axle,wich was awesome,but I had to go up to rhode island that I did .The car felt allright,a little squishy but not bad...its a 3,000 pd car right?So my question is does anything catastrophic happen with the system that has yet to happen,or can I drive around for a while before I fix the ruptured line or whatever it is???I mean do the rear wheel wells suddenly drop down on the tires like Prez De Gaulles Citroen after it took like 40 bullets or am I O.K.for a while??
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