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Diesel Purging is the same for any engine. I am assuming of course you have a pre-filter/main filter set up. Get your self a glass jar and fill it with the Diesel Purge. Remove the hose coming from the fuel tank to the pre-filter. Take the clear hose that comes with the Diesel Purge "kit" and attach it to the pre-filter and place the other end in the jar. Now remove the fuel return hose from the steel line going back to the tank, and place that in the jar as well. The jar is now your fuel tank. Start the car and let her idle away. It is important that you keep the inlet hose submerged to prevent the system from sucking in too much air. It should take about 10-15 mins for the diesel purge to be used up. There will be a point where the amount of diesel purge is so low that the pulsing fuel coming from the return line will cause bubbles. You can run it until there is a about a 1/2 inch of diesel purge left in the jar . I would then recommend reconnecting the hoses and dump the remaining purge into the fuel tank. There should of been a instruction sheet that came with you diesel purge.
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