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1995 S600 Catalytic Converter Problem

A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with the passengers side of the catatylic converter getting cherry red all of sudden when the engine lost power-( I posted the problem) well the problem was that the distrib. on the passenger side coil terminal corroded off the cap casing no spark to travel between the coil and cap on the right side of the engine. After replacing the wiring harnass and both distrib. caps and rotors the problem is solved. Next problem- upon start up I am getting honey comb ceramic pieces out the tailpipe (apparently peices of the catalytic converter)- now no more pieces are coming out and the engine is running great- will the catalytic converter continue to fall apart ? Is the muffler partially clogged ? it has two pipes coming into and exiting the muffler so it is hard test.
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