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W124 front door mismatch

When I see the lower line of the windows from front door and rear door,
left and right look the same.

However, the top horizontal line of the driver's door does not match with the ceiling.

There is gap between the spongy rubber top and the ceiling at the rear of the driver's door.

I do not notice water leaking to the inside even in heavy rain.

However, I want to know the cause and the repair cost.

When I bought the car used, I did not notice this. Of course, I checked body line match carefully to avoid buying a car that had accident.

Can one of these be the cause?

1. A couple of times, my fiancee drove the car with the door not fully closed, then noticed rattling on bad road and then closed the door.

2. I had an accident a while ago. My car's front hit a Hondas right side (from just front of the front wheel to the middle of the rear door).
My car had only scratches on the front bumper and crumpled and removed front number plate.
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