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A few months back I ordered a Bosch Xenon kit for my 1998 C230 from Bekkers. Bekkers told me these are brand new kits that are much more simple to install than previous Xenon upgrade kits that have been available in the past. The kit include headlights, blinkers and transformers. The kit finally arrived yesterday. Today I brought the kit in to my local shop for installation but ran into some problem. The plugs (I'm not sure if that's the correct technical term) weren't compatible with those on the OEM lights. The new lights had more pins and were in a different configuration. They called the local dealer inquiring on the availability of an adapter but were told by the dealer that the installation required replacing the wiring harness and re-programming the computer (a massive job). I'm not sure if the dealer knew of these knew kits or was referring to the older Xenon kits Mercedes sells. Bekkers insists the lights are compatible out of the box, without any modifications to the wiring harness or computer. Bekkers faxed Bosch in Germany, but they don't expect a reply till next week. Has anybody had any experience with these Bosch Xenon kits for W202 or any other model? Any input at all will be greatly appreciated.

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