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If graduated licensing and Europe-tough licensing practices ever make the ballot here in the USA (and if they do I sincerely HOPE there's no grandfathering clause for already-licensed drivers), I'll be the first in line to vote for it. Hell, I'd even campaign in my home town for it.

But of course that will never happen because somewhere along the line it was determined that the cost associated with going through a regimented driving program would discriminate against those who can't afford it.

So tell me: how does nearly ALL of the European Union get away with it? I'm especially referring to places like Italy, where the average per-household income is less than $12,000 (US) and yet it still costs between $1,700-$2,500 to qualify for a license?

I vividly remember women my grandmother's age *screaming* past me on the 'bahn in big BMWs and MBZs and "handling it". I don't think it's an age or cultural issue - it's an instruction and ability issue.

I have dreams of "Grade A+" express lanes flying over the cities and highways where less-capable drivers clog my current commute.
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