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W124 Headlight Housing Question (Re.heat)

Simply put, can US spec Bosch headlights on a 1994 E420 (which seem to be well built) handle 80/100 H4's and 80 or so watt H3's? I want to make sure that the housings themselves can take the heat before I bother setting up the new 12 gauge wiring and relays.

Also, anybody know where I can find ceramic H4 sockets? I know they exist and somebody somewhere has to be selling them. The factory plastic ones, while no doubt a high-temp plastic, may not be best suited for the heat generated by higher wattage bulbs. Is this something I should even worry about? What if I just bypass the official H4 socket and make my own, direct spade connections to the bulbs...good idea?...bad idea?...
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