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Question 1992 500SEL Transmission Odd Behavior

My recently acquired 1992 500SEL with 77,000 miles has developed an annoying little habit of not wanting to shift from 1st to 2nd, and so on when first driven on these now cooler mornings. Previously, it shifted rather abruptly, almost like the old auto transmissions in the W123 Turbodiesels. Fuel mileage is excellant, 21+ MPG on the highway, cruise set at 2500 RPM, or about 72 MPH. Once the transmission gets past that first or second upshift of the day, it works as it should. (Do these things need a cup of coffe to get going sometimes?) Transmission fluid level seems to be correct and fluid doesn't appear to need attention. While I didn't get any receipts, I did get the original service book, and all was done on time by a dealer during warranty and stamped by an independant shop at the proper mileages thereafter. Reply here, and please CC to my AOL address as well, if you can. Reach me at

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