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I also use the dipstick method on my '87 SDL. Here is my hint for you. Park the car with the front end on a slight down slope. Then you will get all the oil out. When I first changed the oil while in my garage, which I thought was level, I couldn't get all the oil out. Next time I turned the car "down hill", it worked well. How do I know? I offer two answers. 1. When I put the new oil in, it requires 8.5 qts., just like the book states. 2. When I run the engine for a short time, then turn it off and check the oil , it is nice and clean. In fact it stays "pretty" clean for a long time. I change the oil and filter every 3000 mi.. Also, I use Rotella-T 15-40 , because it has a great reputation in the commerical trucking industry where I've worked for 29 years. It cleans really well. If I lived farther north, I'd probably use syn. oil, if the car was left outside at night. Good luck.
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