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Thank you guys for the relpies.

I think the SEL is a good buy, especially it only has 54,000 miles.

And it's cheaper.

And the SEC has 72,000 miles.

So does the mileage difference really matter that much?

And the four-door is a huge plus.

But I have some trouble imagining myself driving a 560SEL, maybe it's the length or the image of 560SEL, it reminds me that a relatively "young" man like me would look like a hired driver on the driver's seat.

At least in Taiwan, not many people under 45 will own a huge MB sedan like 560SEL. :p

To be honest, put the "four door issue" aside, my heart tells me to get the 560SEC since it's such a beauty.

By the way, the owner of that 560SEC said he replaced the rear hydraulic suspension. Is it good?
Does that mean I don't have to worry about that problem spot?

I read a reader's mail the other day on Motor Trend, that guy said he "passed" a used Ferrari Testarossa 25 years ago, and he still thinks about that car once in a while.

I wonder if I will do the same thing if I didn't get that SEC.

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