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Originally posted by sixto
The only way those cars got to Taiwan directly from Germany is if someone ordered them from a dealership in the US for factory delivery then shanghai'ed (pardon the expression) the ship so it landed outside the US. I'm sure no one in their right mind fitted US-spec accoutrements like MPH speedo, unleaded fuel only warning on the fuel gauge, Fahrenheit outside temp gauge, big heavy bumpers and useless headlights to make an impression in Taiwan. I'll bet the old head gasket of my SDL that there are DOT and EPA certification tags on those cars.

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Hi! Sixto:

Thank you for your info.

Actually, I am not sure the SEL is euro or us spec.

The owner said it's from the authorized "Mercdes Benz of Taiwan",
then I assume it's directly from Germany.

Well, I know that US spec has speed limit, but I don't really drive that fast, so I think US version is ok for me.
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