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R129 - '92/'93 Euro - Flashing door lock codes?

I've seen a couple of others with posts about various issues regarding the remote access of the 129 in the SL forum, but unfortunately there has been no real answer, so I thought about asking here - just in case.

On rare occasions my remote fails to unlock the car, this applies to any sensor. Following this failure, and by using the key in the drivers door (not tested others) the car unlocks fine. Subsequently by locking the car the red light stays on permanently for around 20 seconds - this I'm sure is a warning! The remote often operates fine afterwards, but not upon every failure.

Last night I happened to notice that the normal sequence of flashing lights, upon lock and unlock, (10 short pulses of green / 5 short pulses of red) had changed and that pulse 4 of red was of longer duration.

Being an electronic eng. I expect MB use pulse codes to indicate failure modes - does anyone know how to interpret these or has anyone any recommendations for cure?

Maybe these code are accessible from the 9 pin diagnostic connector (I can't find the 38pin don't think my car has one) - if so can I connect an LED to one of the pins. Does anyone have the full fault code listing too?

Sorry - a million and one questions - Oh I wish a workshop manual existed!!!!!!

'93 R129 500SL-32
'89 190E 2.6 - sold in 2002
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