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1988 300E stalling: "steering angle sensor"?

I have read numerous threads about intermittent stalling in this era/model Mercedes, because my
1988 300E is doing it. Pattern: Car starts ok, but a block or two from the house, it starts idling rough and
quits. It does this about once a month. More often in summer than in winter. (this has been going on for about two years.) Sometimes there is a brief surge before it quits, if I have
placed it in neutral. I have it at the shop right now.

A mechanic with about 30 years of experience with MB says he thinks it is the "steering angle
sensor" I have not seen this in any of the threads.

1. What is the steering angle sensor?

2. Does this have a chance of being the problem more than the oft-cited OVPR, fuel pump relay,
idle position sensor, idle control valve, or vacuum hoses?

Any help would be appreciated.
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