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I would think the cam position sensor is something of a problem. Without its input the engine electronics cannot determine which cylinder is (for example) at TDC on the compression stroke vs the exhaust stroke. I don't know how MB handles the loss of the cam sensor, but on a Ford I used to own the the software would guess at which cylinder(s) to fire. That engine also had a crank angle sensor, so it knew where the crank was in its rotation, but not which cylinder was on compression, exhaust, power, etc. If the car didn't start, you just stopped cranking the engine and tried again. Eventually the computer would guess right, and the engine would start and run fine. Does the m104 have any other method of determining crank rotation in order to time fuel injection and ignition? I own one, but I've never had to diagnose or fix any electrical/ignition problems.

- JimY
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