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a more simplistic thought

I bought a 88 560 SEL about 2 years ago. I have put in quite a lot of my persoanl time and effort to get it to where it is. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your purchase - time, effort and money.

There are many many amenties on the 560 - recling rear seats to heated seats all around, a 236 HP engine, guzzles gas and oil - depending on it's shape. I get 13 miles to a gallon - city.

It is a great car and the room and comfort is simply delightful.

The catch is - there always something to fix or mend or tool around. If that is something you want - then this is the car for you. If not - then move on, get a good Japanese car and it will be reliable and less headaches.

Also, because it is a top flight Benz, the mechanics who see it charge accordingly and you can be led astray quite easily.

This is a great site and the folks here are very helpful and truthful. It will be your last resource.

Good luck either way.
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