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Which one is this one? Does this mean you can replace just a coil, or the entire spring assembly or the complete spring/frame assembly? Where do you buy it?

My 82 300D driver side seat is collapsed in the front left area. I will check if there is a broken spring but I suspect the pad is worn down and maybe the spring has gotten fatigued rather then broken. The seat is squeeking between the seat belt plastic cover and the seat cover because the pad is so collapsed I guess.

I have heard they use horse hair pads. I'd like to avoid the cost of the pad and make my own with foam. Is that reasonable? I read somewhere about using the foam that campers roll out under a sleeping bag. My main concern here is the thickness needed and if it holds up well over years.

If I make my own pad instead of buying a MB horsehair pad is the thickness uniform or do the sides (bolsters) have to be built up. If it is not uniform thickness I probably will throw in the towel and just buy the pad. My MB-Tex seat cover is fine so I will keep it.

Anyone know where to get the best deal on the pad?
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