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I second that makakio!

I think it is pretty sad that is so easy to get a licence in the US. The requirements are so low that most everyone will end up getting a licence, dangerous or not! I think it is ass backwards to apply a (capability) blanket law to the driving populace when you know damn well that grandma in the old buick is not going to handle a car as competently as a driving enthusiast who spends much more on a fine piece of engineering, and who takes pride in driving proficiently!

With the current state of technology, all Highway speed limits should be replaced with "Dynamic" posted limits (IMHO). A speed limit set is for ALL conditions (rain, night, etc.), in the middle of a clear sunny day conditions are optimal and the limit should reflect that. With the availability of the microprocessor these tasks are made simple and reliable, whats the hold up?

We should revamp the qualifications to something more in line with Germany. I think it cost over $1500 in driver training alone and if I'm not mistaken several years plus the min. age is 21 I believe. Americans are an especially "hurried" breed, and higher standards could only raise the speed limits for thoughs people that can prove that they are able. Italy issues licences on ability I believe. Lets get back to our roots of "Life, LIBERTY (Hwy patrol need to look that definition up!), and the pursuit of Happiniess (boy, happiness to me sure does come close to speeding!)!

I bet a cowboy hawling ass out in the middle of nowhere never got pulled over back when Liberty meant something! What the .... is going on, we have been snookered so to speak, our rights to liberty are all but vanishing?

Am I the only person the feels this way? I smell another Poll question.
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