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The light comes on because the pads are worn down enough to let the embedded sensor wires ground to the rotors. Time to replace pads and get new sensors too. When you get it apart it will all become obvious. If the rotors are smooth and have no signs of a deep wear groove from the pads, or warping, keep 'em. It's a judgement call. New rotors aren't all that expensive, but replacing them requires torqueing, and hence special tools. So, I replace pads myself at a ratio of 2 to 1. That is, new rotors every 2nd set of pads. Search this forum for excellent instructions on doing the job. Then decide on hard pads / soft pads / no dust / dust. There has been so much said about brakes. BTW, most guys do not recommend turning the rotors for various reasons. As they are cheap, just replace them. ttt
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