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Originally posted by 86560SEL
Thanks for the replies. I think the car was sold, as it is no longer advertised, but I am going to check tomorrow, as I am off work. I have also found a fairly local 1986 420SEL for about $3000., with 147K, so I may check on that as well. It has had the chain replaced, as well as some other 100K mile service. I am also considering a 1992 Acura Legend LS 4dr, with ALL options with 127K for the same price, so I definetly have some decisions to make. Thanks again.
No matter what car you get (like everybody has said before me) make sure to have a tech look it over first.

I would check out that Acura Legend, that's a great car too!

I wouldn't compare it to driving a Benz, but they are nice cars.
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