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Just a couple of stories to help you out.

1. A friend of mine was stopped going from Columbus to Dayton doing 145mph in his retired police cruiser. He paid a hefty fine, spent 3 days in the county country-club, and is not allowed to drive in the fine state of Ohio for 7 years! Good thing he lives in KY now!

2. A fellow Physicist friend of mine once got out of a major ticket. He proved mathematically, based on basic principles of acceleration and top-speed of the specific model cruiser, that the police car could not possibly catch him if he were going as fast as they said he was.

From the stationary point of the police car, to the stop point of both cars, he proved the cruiser would have to accelerate to over 200mph instantly ... in order to catch him, based on the radar indicated speed of 130.

With all the diagrams, pictures, and mathematical figures on the black-board, the judge threw out the case and asked my friend to please drive a little slower..... he did NOT want him back in his court!

Good Luck with it.... hope it is not too expensive.
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