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Thinking of getting tank flushed to help hesitation, worth it?

I have a few small problems with my 1991 190e 1.8 (same engine block as 2.0, 2.3) manual.
Most of them I can live with or will try to fix myself but there is one I need to sort out.
Its an intermitent hesitation when accelerating under load, occurs cold or hot and about once evry couple of days. I thought it might be the ignition but after cleaning the rotor and cap and putting in new leads its still there.
I decided it is probably fuel starvation, so I changed the fuel filter. No improvement. Also put some alcohol in the tank incase there was water in there no difference. I am now almost convinced that there is a problem with the mesh clogging inside the fuel tank and am thinking of taking it to a local specialist to have the tank drained and mesh cleaned.

Does this sound like a good idea or is there something I've missed?

I forgot to say that the fuel pump can become noisy at times and the hesitation occurs when pump is noisy. I dont think the pump is the problem but I m not going to rule it out.

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