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Gilly and csnow:

Thanks for the messages. I tried to call the shop when I got your message to tell them to hold off
on the crank angle sensor (because of Gilly's comment) but it was too late. They had already done it, had cleaned the idle valve, and replaced the OVP.

This afternoon I got a call from the shop. The guy who did the work took the car out for a test drive
and it started spitting and bucking and misfiring, which it was most definitely not doing before I
took it in. It made me think about Gilly's comment about the timing. Now he wants to change the oxygen sensor. I told them we had changed the oxygen sensor two years ago. Then he tells me there are two of them.

I checked with another mechanic; he said there is only one oxygen sensor in the '88 models.

I'm getting a very bad feeling about this ... Any suggestions?

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