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190 e Window Switch Quick Fix!

Yesterday evening when I left work my driver's window would not roll down. Today at midday, I tried the button again and to my surprise - it rolled down but then NOT UP!

Well, I was desperate and needed a quick fix since I was not about to drive the car around in Guatemala City, with the window stuck in the down position, much less park it anywhere.

So what I did was pull out the window switch from the center console, then pulled out the button (lever) for the window. Inside there are two small BB size balls and some lever type connectors. It was awfully dirty, so I cleaned it all out, cleaned off the connectors and re-assembled.

IT WORKED! Both in the up and down position!

Might not last me a very long time but it should last me till I get a new part! And it solved my problem today!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick fix in case they run across this problem.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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