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R&R rear main seal 240D & 4 Speed seals

I am working on a refresh of my 240D pictured below and a conversion to 4 speed. Most of the parts are already out of the parts car and I am getting ready to work on mine. Since I have to drop to old tranny out, and the engine compartment is mostly stripped for the paint job, I am considering pulling the engine and replacing the rear main seal. I know I will have to “drop the crank” to do this, but what does that entail? Unfortunately all I have is the Haynes manual for this car (I have full MB manuals for 107, 126, and 124 and normally the overlap covers me but not on this) and it just gives you the full rebuild info. I am mostly concerned with timing chain issues. Any comments or pointers?

I also wanted to change the seals on the 4 speed. I assume the front and rear input and output seals are straight forward, but is there any way to change the O ring seals on the 3 shift levers without a full teardown of the tranny?


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