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Thanx to all with your suggestions...I just came back from an oil change at Henneken...OUCH...that is one EXPENSIVE oil change...lemme break it down:

8.5L Motul 5w40 sythetic motor oil = 75.65 Canadian dollars
1 oil filter = 13.90 Canadian dollars
PST of 7.5% = 8.29 Canadian dollars
GST of 7% = 7.73 Canadian dollars

GRAND TOTAL = 126.57 Canadian dollars

...this is the first time I took the car to an independent instead of the dealership...the dealership uses QuakerState 15w40...but I thought I would give the synthetic a try...

Just wanted to say I quite liked goin' to Henneken...the guy there was quite nice...invited me into the back and have a look at my car with it on the jack...chatted a bit about the car...very friendly, and went through my bill together with me...the experience was much better than the dealership...I am beginning to see why everybody hates the dealership so much...:p
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