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Blower motor

I just repaired this on my 94' E320. If you can use a meter that you can fix your problem. Pull the 3 wire plug off. This is located behind the master cylinder. Check for voltage at the 2 outside terminals not the wiring harness, but the terminals. You should have a voltage with the ignition on and the fan on low. Change the fan to high and the voltage should rise. This is the contol voltage to the regulator and it varies between 1- 7v. Next check the voltage to the blower by placing your meter on the left terminal and the middle one. Should have 12v there. If not then the 30A strip fise is open or your ground is bad. If you do then it's on to the blower and regulator test. You will have to get down to the blower to test it. It should be in the center on the firewall under the hood (I think). Once you get there you can pull leads off of blower and check for 12v there. If you have it, then your blower fails you and if you do not have it then your regulator fails you. I like to jumper 12v from battery to motor for final test. If it runs then the regulator is not grounding the blower properly. The regulator has 4 wires soldiered to it, a small control wire, a 12v wire, and the ground coming in and going out to the blower. You can jumper ground to the regulator(meaning bad ground if works) and jumper ground going to motor(meaning bad regulator if works). I also ran an amp test while testing motor, should have less than fuse rating while running normally. Also check fuse carefully because mine was cracked so fine that I had to push on it to tell it was bad.
Hope I covered everything
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