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Originally posted by LarryBible
Those folks have been educated from the start to move to the right and let the faster traffic pass. Grandma needs to stay in the right lane.

My $0.02
Every damn time I drive on the freeway theres a stupid idiot going 60 in the fast lane with no one ahead of him for about a mile with the right lanes open. It pisses me off like no other that people cant obey this simple rule. Maybe 1 in 20 cars will pull over in the right lane when they see you coming. I spend most of my time in the far right lane because everyone for some reason has to be in the fast lane and it's a lot faster. Isn't it true that you can get a ticket in Germany if someone has to go around you in the right lane to pass you because someone wouldnt get out of your way? I would do anything for a rule like that to be implemented here. Sorry if I went off the topic.
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