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I'am sorry but the message parted to soon so her is the rest of it.

I own a couple of W 124's so the W201 manual was part of a misunderstanding. I kept it because I like it very mutch. It's superior to manuals I own in French ( a translation of the German manual ) and a Dutch one ( a translation of the French!! ).
In the German manual is clearly stated : the clutch is self-adjusting and free of maintenance. The thikness of the clutch should be verified every 20.000 km. The template to do so could be home made. If you need to, I'll ask a friend to scan a design of this template (should be made out of a 0.8 mm steel plate).
As it is self-adjusting, there is no adjustment on the push rod.
If you need more information, I"ll translate the German text for you if you want.

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