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124: 90L Fuel Tank Question

Hi All -

I'm considering purchase of a 124 car with the 90 liter fuel tank option. I presume MB just made the tank a bit deeper (front to back) to increase it's volume. How much does this reduce the size of the trunk relative to a car with the standard 70L tank? I presume the additional depth of the tank is just taken out of the trunk, so there's an inch or two less distance between the taillights and the forward firewall in the trunk.

Sounds like a funny question, I know, but I like to carry my road racing bicycle around in the trunk. It just barely fits in a regular 124 - pop off both wheels, lay the frame down in the trunk, both wheels on top. Takes about 30 seconds. I ride a large enough bike that it just barely fits in my 124 with the 70L tank. I'm concerned it may not fit in a 124 with the 90L tank.

Any thoughts/experience/opinions appreciated.

- JimY
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