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1980 350sl

I bid and won a 1980 350SL for 2k. The title is lost and it doesn't run, but hey, I need something to do during the winter months.

The seller has told me that the engine will start if he pours fuel down the throught, but just temp, so the fuel system is defective, probably because it has been sitting for 4 years. What kind of issue can I expect with this fuel system? What kind is it and is it mechanical or electronic distribution?

I can not find any reference to a 1980 350sl, is this car for real? has it been misbadged? The pics show a V8, it has 57k on the odometer. (Who knows)

I may have just bought a car for parts, or I may have just got something fun to play with. I am going to have to rent a space for it since I can't keep my SL320 outside. I am going to pick it up in Houston on Saturday.

Any advice would be appreciated from the forum. Thanks again for this valueable resource and all your help, it makes owning an MB more enjoyable to know there are others like me out there!
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