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oil consumption-anyone come up with anything?

I have posted on this before, but am curious if anyone has come up with a solution to oil consumption of an inline 6 on a 89 300se. It uses a quart to quart 1/2 every 800-1000 miles. The car has 190k. I have had a valve job done, but piston rings were not checked/replaced. It still consumes. No dripping on garage floor. Using mobil 1 synthetic 0w40 made for MB & Porsche. Can travel 375 miles on a trip to Ky and have to put quart to quart 1/2 in that time. Drive the car for several miles short distance over a weekend period and drive home another 375 miles. The return trip home, most of the time does not use very much if any. Isn't this strange? Has anyone come up with anything on this as to what might be causing this?
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