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Some advocate for speed in England once said and I believe that "High performance cars don't Kill, Low performance drivers do". I think this is exactly true. Having lived a greater part of my life in Europe and done enough autobahnís to last a lifetime I was shocked at the quality (of lack thereof)of driving here in America.
Firstly, the speed limit of 55 in the year 2000 is not realistic. This speed limit (please correct me if I am wrong) must of been put in place when cars all ran on 4 wheel drum brakes, tires skinner than my daughters bike, cars that were as aerodynamic as a moving house and guzzled tanks of petrol to go down the road.
Secondly, if the qualities and abilities tested to get your drivers license do not change maybe an advanced drivers license should be introduced. Here you will be tested/trained on how to handle a car at certain speeds, road manners - like passing on the left, reducing speed in wet conditions, realizing that you've missed your exit and taking the next one instead of cutting up all lanes to reach that exit. Basically, general common sense issues that make a difference between driving and Driving.
With this advanced license you'd be allowed to drive much faster than the low limits currently set.
Showing this license to the traffic cops will be a "get out of jail free pass" and entitle us to enjoy the benefits of current, tried and tested technology.

Phew, that's my vent out - sorry about going off topic.
As to that ticket, if you've got the time fight it. You've got a lot more to gain than lose.

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