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what exactly is a fuel stabilizer? I believe the outside temperature around this time in Vancouver hovers around 0C to 10C...

After the oil change yesterday, I was so happy with the service at Henneken, I also had them change my front brake pads and rotors this morning...only cost me $426 Canadian dollars after all the taxes...I think this is a pretty good price! He used original Mercedes-Benz parts...I saw that gas was cheap today, so I topped off the tank...I will be driving it regularly until I leave Sunday morning...I will have somebody start and idle the car ever so I do not think disconnecting the battery is necessary?

Wow...I really like the new motor oil...engine feels light and runs quieter...accelerates smoother...does not feel strained...the Motul 6100 Synergie 5w40 synthetic feels SOOO much better than the dealership's QuakerState 15w40 non-synthetic oil...I am VERY happy with my recent repair experience...this is a very nice shop...
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