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300SE oil consumption

When I had the valve job done and the problem got worse, I took it back and the MB mechanic totally reworked everything again. He did do a leak down test and it seemed to be ok. The heads were sent back to the machine shop and reworked. Then all new valve guides and seals were added along with new head gasket. The problem got better, but only back to where it was before the first valve job. Somewhere around 800 miles, the oil light will start coming on and remaining lit most of the time. After letting the car sit in the garage(level) for a minimum of 2-3 hours, I will check the oil level and it will be at the minimum mark. Only then will I add oil and it is usually a full quart. I find it hard to accept that it is ok for a car several years old to use a quart of oil every 750 miles, at least not a car that is driven daily and has had a valve job done. I have always used 10w30 oil in all my previous cars(not mb), but my local MB dealer recommended using Mobil 1 synthetic 0w40. Only on that advice did I switch to that oil. The "0" is supposed to be much better on cold starts but will give you the viscosity of 40 when running. Should the rings been replaced when the valve job was done or is that a totally more indepth process? Thanks to everyone for the discussion and information you all are sharing.
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