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When I did mine I hung the brake caliper from the sway bar with a piece of wire. To hell with disconnecting the line and having to bleed it! Easy job if it's the front. You'll need an allen wrench (6mm if I remember correctly) to loosen the axle nut locking bolt, a 19mm socket and loctite for the brake caliper bolts (there are two), a 15" or larger adjustable wrench for the axle nut, some brakeclean spray to clean the disc up after you're done (greasy job), and a piece of wire to hang the caliper with. The front bearing will fall out in your hand. Then you can use a large screwdriver to punch out the back bearing and seal once the hub is removed. Be carefule not to get any debris or dirt inside the hub, on the bearings, or in the grease, or you have to clean out all the grease and start over. The original grease dam should remain intact unless you disturb it, in which case it is readily apparent how to repair it. Keep it clean!
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